Chimpanzee Vs Bonobo Essay

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Researchers have recently begun studying a newfound ape and ancestor of modern humans. The bonobo shares nearly the same amount of DNA with modern humans as a chimpanzee shares with modern humans. Observed similarities between chimpanzees, bonobos, and humans include: non-verbal communication, reproduction, intellectual abilities, and expression of emotions. However, if genetics and the previous listed items were to be completely taken out of the equation and the focus was solely centered on the social structure of both chimpanzees and bonobos, significant differences in their respective societies would be observed. The bonobo society is very much centered on sexual relations and female dominance. Sex is used as a means to diffuse aggressive situations and keep the peace within the community. Next to no conflict arises in a bonobo society due to the fact that bonobos will engage in sexual acts before one can become upset. Sex allows bonobos to distract each other from becoming upset with one another. Because females do not stick with their groups, they will use sex as a way to integrate themselves into another group. The migrating female will seek out one or two important females in the new group and engage in several sexual acts. A female is accepted into the group if the acts are reciprocated to the…show more content…
In addition, males are the dominant figures in the society and hold the power. Male chimpanzees will assert their dominance by showing long displays of their strength. Unlike male bonobos, who rely on their mothers for protection, male chimpanzees will fight their own battles with the support of their fellow males. Often time, chimpanzees will find themselves in lethal fights with members of other chimpanzee communities. For this reason, it is vital for the males of a community to form a unified front in order to protect the other members of the

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