The Pros And Cons Of Sikhism

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"According to community advocates, 99% of people who wear turbans in America are Sikh", a religion that has no Islamic connotations and bears no resemblance to the Muslim belief. (Gohil 18) The Irony in this is that Americans associate 9 out of 10 people wearing a turban with Islam and many are ignorant to what a Sikhism is, or where the differences lie. (Gohil 19) This massive ignorance has led to misunderstanding, violence, and prejudice towards members of this, the world’s fifth largest religion. (Zepps) In most cases Sikhs have been persecuted for the beliefs of others. Misunderstandings and violence might have easily been avoided in the western world had a slightly different choice of headgear developed. This paper will the contemporary debate in the article "Losing the Turban" drawing on other sources to broaden the scope. It will attempt to inform on how the turban might justifiably be abandoned.…show more content…
Others still debate this claim but it is accepted that in 1699 Guru Gobind Singh set forth the Five Ks to which Sikhs now adhere. (Nesbitt 54) The first of the Ks is the Kesh or long uncut hair which extends to personal grooming standards as well. Sikhs do not cut their hair because it is a gift from god. Aside from the long hair Sikhs also wear the Kachh (a type of short drawers) as a symbol of modesty and chastity, the Kara an iron or steel bangle (wrist band), the Kirpan which is a steel blade only used to defend, and the Kanga which is a special comb used to keep the Kesh neat and tidy. That two of the Ks relate to personal grooming and cleanliness is evidence of its importance to the Sikh community. The turban may be seen as a vicarious extension of the Kesh and Kanga helping to keep it neat and

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