Comparing Sophocles Antigone And Malala

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Two heroic young people that caused a positive change to their society is Antigone and Malala. Both these young girls have a passion for their morals and cultural traditions some even worth dying for, but there differences should be set aside and there similarities should be valued instead. The cause that both these girls are fighting for represent and describe the type of kind and loving person they are and the dream they hope becomes a reality. Antigone and Malala are hardhearted people who would die for their hearts desire; these are the type of people that shape our society into a void of opinions and free will. Malalas individual role in her society clearly reveals her morals and her importance to those without a voice. First of all, before The Taliban invaded Pakistan Malala was a student of her dad’s school. Although she enjoys School very much, unlike us there are large percentages of kids that don’t usually have the privilege to go to school. For…show more content…
This theme describes how Antigone tries to persuade the people of Thebes to turn away from Creons arrogant and selfish desires. She tried to convince the society of Thebes to make changes to better them as a whole. In addition, as a heroic individual Antigone stands on her own and believes more in her own principles than the rule of any king. Clearly, Antigone becomes a hero when she does what she considers to be right by burying her brother Polynices and by breaking the law set by Creon. But, not only did Antigone inspire the people of Thebes but Creon as well. Toward the end of the play he witnesses the death of everyone he loved over one hasty rule, and when he decides to change the way of his actions it was all too late. Undoubtedly, Antigone shaped her society by doing what she felt was right and breaking the law. People in our current society can also be a hero by standing up for what is right and being just in their

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