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Walt Disney’s, Cinderella is the classic tale of rags to riches. Cinderella is taken from a world of work and hardship to a life and luxury all because of a shoe. After her mother and father died when she was little, her evil “wicked” stepmother and step sisters, neglect and treat Cinderella like a servant. They verbally abusing her, and treating her like a pack mule. After receiving an invitation to a ball, he stepmother bans her from going. In Cinderella’s sadness, her fairy godmother appears. With a wave of her wand Cinderella gets a magnificent ball gown, a beautiful pair of glass slippers. But with every great gift, comes an equal punishment she must be home by midnight as the spell will be broken. Cinderella goes to the ball in a…show more content…
In Walt Disney’s Cinderella this virtue, good things will happen to good people, is one of the central themes. Throughout her story Cinderella is always doing good deeds. When her sisters would throw the mending and washing at her and ordering her around like a slave, she would merely shake it off and always seemed to have a happy attitude. Her good deeds even transferred into her love for the mice of the house, where her sisters and stepmother would kill the mice, she welcomed them as family. Cinderella never lost faith in who she was, and in return she was rewarded, with true love, for all of good deed she had…show more content…
This feeling also continues into fairy tales. Gail Carson Levine Ella Enchanted, tales the tale of a cursed girl who cures is ultimately her demise. Ella of Frell, is cursed with the gift of obedience, this gift requires her to obey everyone all the time. Through the struggle to do good deeds by her dying mother, Ella is blackmailed into using her gift for evil and ends with her almost committing murder on the man she loves. Going back to Walt Disney’s Cinderella, another main theme is that if they have hope and keep the faith life will work out for the best. This is evident through Cinderella permanent happy attitude toward life. During the movie when Cinderella is cleaning the stair case, a rather unhappy job, she is found singing a happy cheerful song that just seems to brighten the room. She always believed a dream is a wish your heart makes, and that one day it will come true. She believed in love for her prince, and he was able to reunite with her even though the odds were against

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