I Like Gum Was Allowed In School

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How much do you like gum? I love it. I wish gum was allowed at school but unfortunately it is not. The day it got stuck all over me I began to understand why it was not allowed. ‘bang’bang my feet walking down the hall way I step in a piece of gum! were going to be late for specials I yield! ryan had to help me.when ryan was trying to get me out I realized chewed up gum was everywhere. It was disgusting I conveyed I felt sick with my tummy growling. The next morning I woke up and I went to school and at reass also when I was going down the slide there was a ton of gum.ahhhhh! I yield so loud it was so gros.my holl boby got stuck the teachers had to hlep me out.I was stuck like a fly in a spiter wed. Then I was really mad I was cover

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