Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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The realization of my innate human rights being violated did not occur to me until my best friend Dorothy had voiced her opinion on the situation that my music director had infringed my right to be treated equally, stated in Article One of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “I feel as if you’re being treated unfairly”, she declared as we were discussing past events relating to band. In the classroom of public school relying on government funds, one would believe that the practice of basic human rights would be a given, not a question. When involved in the music program there are a plethora of events that occur. From concerts, football games and basketball games, festivals, to competitions. Those events require loads of time management and according to my band director translates into meaning your life revolves around band. While always incorporating student leadership as an extracurricular activity to be involved in, I understand that the expectation level is set a few notches higher than in contrast to the other students. However when two leaders receive a different consequence for the same scenario it seems a bit sketchy. Especially when the Captain gets a lesser punishment in comparison to the historian considering…show more content…
I had mentioned to my teacher the week we found out that I may not be able to attend due to a family related issue, he gave me the stamp of approval so I didn’t worry about it too much. When the day of the event, the Washington State National Marching Band Competition on a Saturday at the Tacoma Dome had arrived I unfortunately could not attend however I did not worry about due to the belief that I was excused. I was pretty bummed I could not go and had to sit in class while everyone excluding the captain and I discussed it during our next student leader meeting we had every consecutive

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