Walgreens Swot Analysis

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Strengths Walgreens strengths include their recent merger with Alliance Boots. Alliance Boots is an established multinational company. “Walgreens, which completed its merger and changed its name and ticker symbol to Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBS) in late December” (Suttmeier, 2015). This merger positioned Walgreens as a global company. Walgreens have a diversity of products from health and beauty aids, prescriptions, photo processing, and a grocery aisle. With this diversity, they offer a Balance Rewards program where they offer money off once points accumulated reach a certain amount. They have partnered with AARP. AARP members have additional points awarded and additional special offers. Walgreens offers a 100% guarantee on their…show more content…
The two could not come to an agreement. With no resolution, Express Scripts no longer paid for prescriptions filled at Walgreens. This required existing customers, who had the Express Scripts insurance, to move to another supported pharmacy. This created a loss of an existing customer base. We were part of this. We had a choice of moving our prescriptions to CVS or to Walmart. This was a hassle and we have yet to move our prescriptions back even though we no longer have Express Scripts. There is another dispute going on with Walgreens in the media. This is the painkiller…show more content…
“Walgreens has a policy to curb narcotics abuse, but Action 9's Todd Ulrich found that the company won't reveal its guidelines, and its secret policy can punish legitimate customers, too” (WFTV, 2014). The pharmacist refused to fill it saying it did not fit within the guidelines of the company. However, this prescription was one written by a physician for a patient back pain. When asked why, the pharmacist refused to say. They do report the alleged drug abuse to the DEA. The patient was shocked, “You're sending a letter to the DEA to say what, that I'm a possible pharmacy hopper or drug addict? You don't know me” (WFTV, 2014). This is alarming in yet another company overstepping its bounds and making medical decisions without evaluation of a patient. The company is over generalizing a risk. I do not believe it is their place displace the physician’s diagnosis, nor keep their customers from a painkiller that manages their extreme pain. I feel that painkiller abuse should be addressed within the medical community and not put the customer in the middle of the debate. The pharmacist does not have a medical record on the patient nor do they have authority to make those

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