Swot Analysis Of Walgreens

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The majority of people spend 5 minutes shopping in a convenient store. And it isn’t out of the ordinary for one to spend more time waiting in the checkout line than they spent actually shopping. That isn’t a lot of time to grab the attention of the consumer with enticing sales in the flyers, since many people disregard them anyways upon entering. This is why the experience of shopping at one of these establishments is widely based upon how streamlined it is. And with that, it means tending to ones needs the fastest way possible. From personal experience, anticipation from the store is what influences my purchase decision the most. The anticipation aspect of the convenient store experience is crucial in my opinion. And with that, I believe…show more content…
Applying this concept to me as a college student, I’m a freshman, which means that I most likely do not have a car here at school, which leads to the conclusion that I’m restricted as a consumer as to where I can buy from. And the Walgreens recognizes this. They had all the amenities that a first year college student would need. They actually had an aisle devoted for dorm room appliances and common needs during the first few weeks. This was utilized by all of the freshman who forgot some important needs and couldn’t reach the local Target or Walmart for it. And that was a lot of people. There wasn’t a time in the day that the lines weren’t at least five people in length. Walgreens acknowledged that there would most likely be a need for certain products, and strategically batched those products together. This minimized time that the students spent trying to find the products they…show more content…
Having every possible need for the common person in mind, such as: coffee on morning commutes, hunger after work hours, and available bathrooms for emergencies. All of these are anticipatory scenarios that are profitable and are very common when looking at it day to day. A lot of these higher end convenient stores such as Thornton’s and ampm are now offering hot coffee throughout the day, and hot food like hot dogs, burgers, and nachos during afternoon hours. Even Walgreens has sub sandwiches for sale. And to take a step further, the owners could partner up with big name fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Subway. In some cases, I’ve seen Dunkin Donuts conjoined with these stores as well. It attracts many more people since there is a trusted brand name product that they already know and enjoy. And with that, these places are offering entertainment options as well. The one stop shop for cheap, one day DVD rentals, Red Box, is a big hit with the public, since they offer recently released movies for a cheap price, and the return process is seamless. With technology, these convenient stores can take an errands list, which would have taken a trip to several stores, and condense it into one quick stop for all of ones

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