Summary Of Geography Lessons By Himani Bannerji

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Himani Bannerji discusses her experiences in Canada in her article “Geography Lessons: On Being an Insider/Outsider to the Canadian Nation” by stating, “Even after years of being an “immigrant”, and upon swearing allegiance to the same Queen of England from whom India had parted, I was not to be a “Canadian”. Regardless of my official status as a Canadian citizen, I, like many others, remained an “immigrant”” (Bannerji, 2000, page 64). This is not something that just Bannerji has experienced in Canada but something that all immigrant women of colour have felt. These women are subjected to a very different Canadian experience in contrast to other groups. Regardless of their status, they are still looked at as an “other” to the rest of Canada. Not all Canadians are…show more content…
This paper will analyze the experience of visibly different immigrant women upon their arrival to Canada, how these women are held back from advancing in society, and also how these visible different women compare to the way in which women who are visibly different that come over through the Foreign Workers Program. What makes someone an ideal Canadian? This question is often asked throughout research that looks at visibly different immigrant women and how they do not fit into the same category as non-immigrant Canadian women – also known as the ideal Canadian. According to Bannerji, “the category “Canadian” clearly applied to

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