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For the movie project I did choose the movie Les miserable because the story is very interesting and the title was eye catching. The author wrote the book name was Victor Hugo. The time period takes place during 2nd revolutionary war in France where the lower class people were tired and sick of the king's brutal law and they didn't like the idea of having one person having too much of the power. They got influenced by Americans fighting against British for their freedom. French admire the idea of having republicanism where common people can elect the person they feel if is right. Victor Hugo wrote this book during 2nd revolutionary war and he happen to witness the scene where soldiers were against common people. The reason why I am saying second…show more content…
Especially poor prostitute are treated really badly because they sell themselves. In case of Fantine she was poor and needed money urgently and nobody was giving her so she thought the idea to sleep with men and they will pay her but instead she gets harassed. For example to show what kind of harassment for women from the movie is when Fantine gets arrested by the officer just because she defended also the men where taunting her for being prostitute and they throw snow at her. Officer Javert instead of arresting the man who almost raped he arrested Fantine and told the men to go. In my opinion that is very cruel because first she is mother and a woman. France have Marianne as leading France for liberty and here woman is treated badly just because she is a prostitute. This time period woman have come so far from just getting one vote, she can do so many things and she did prove herself she can be…show more content…
The class system was actually divided into 3 class : the aristocrat (upper class), bourgeoisie( middle class) and last worker class (low level class). It always that rich people look down on the lower class and also the middle class does the same to lower class. From the movie to support how upper class treat lower class very poorly is when Fantine gets fired from the job because she had to take care of her daughter and because it was born out of wedlock. The government mistreat the lower class and do not provide anything from them and give them cruel punishment. Also Fantine got arrested because she became prostitute just because she couldn't find any job to make money for her daughter. This show how the upper class treat the lower class as if they are like slaves and no nothing. Because of poor treatment from the government the lower class sometimes fall into darkness such as becoming criminals, prostitute and courtesans. But today it is not that case anymore at least it is not as severe as 19th century, today we can see poverty but today we are doing something to fix the situation we are calling out people to help the poor people who can't read, have money for food, clothes shelter etc. For that example would be the Red Cross they are involving themselves to aid victims during natural disaster also helping African nations where children are dying of hunger

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