In My Life A Heart Full Of Love Short Story

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“She has burst like the music of angels / The light of the sun / And my life seems to stop / As if something is over / And something has scarcely begun”. These lyrics from “In My Life/A Heart Full of Love” show how shallow the relationship was between Marius and Cosette. Throughout the story of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, we see the development of many connections between characters. Cosette and Marius had a romantic relationship solely based on their young infatuation with one another. Their attraction to each other came from perceptions of physical appearance. “Marius was now a fine-looking young man, of medium height, with heavy jet black hair, a high intelligent brow, large impassionate nostrils, a frank and…show more content…
Since Cosette discovered how beautiful she was, she realized, “although in an indistinct way, that she had a weapon” (Hugo 214). This again shows how their relationship was based on their appearances. Beauty is normally seen as a gift, not a weapon. The fact that Cosette thought of her beauty as a weapon shows how shallow their feelings were for each other. Even so, before Cosette was dressed nicely, Marius did not take interest in her; in fact, no one took interest in her upon a small social interaction, “At another time, she was passing along the street, and it seemed to her that somebody behind her, whom she did not see, said: ‘Pretty woman! but badly dressed.’” (Hugo 211). In order to address this, Jean Valjean bought her the most fashionable clothes of that time so that now when people saw her, they thought of her as “a woman well dressed, with a sort of simple and rich elegance without any particular style. She wore a dress of black damask, a mantle of the same, and a white crape hat… When you passed near her, her whole toilet exhaled the penetrating of youth” (Hugo 163). By buying her nice clothes, Valjean was encouraging Cosette to embrace her beauty in a manipulative way. Marius also strengthened this behavior when he “had noticed them at some time or other, but finding the girl homely, had very quickly and…show more content…
After taking notice of one another on the streets, Marius started to follow Jean Valjean and Cosette more closely. “The young girl passed, and in passing she looked at him. She looked at him steadily with a sweet and thoughtful look which made Marius tremble from head to foot… Marius was bewildered by these eyes full of flashing light and fathomless abysses. He felt as though his brain was on fire. She had come to him, what happiness!” (Hugo 167). One simple glance cannot truly reveal oneself to another person. Without knowing each other’s name neither emotion nor feelings can be completely real. “This handkerchief was marked with the letters U.F.: Marius knew nothing of this beautiful girl, neither her family, nor her name, nor her dwelling; these two letters were the first thing he had caught of her, adorable initials upon which he began straight away to build his castle. It was evidently her first name. Ursula, thought he, what a sweet name!” (Hugo 168-169). This quote shows the extremities of Marius’ feelings towards Cosette without knowing anything about her—not even her name. How can you claim to love someone so intensely when knowing so little about

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