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Today I went to Zach Theater in Austin TX, located in 202 South Lamar - Austin, TX 78704 for the 7:30 P.M showing of the great play “Evita” with Madeline Trumble and Andrew Foote as the main cast artists on this play. I picked this play because I saw the movie a few years back and I saw that they were offering a showing in Austin while I was driving by so I decided to attend. Although the prices for the play were a little too expensive for just a critique, well I was already here. Price for entrance was 42.00$. based on the movie, I thought It would be a great idea to watch this play. Also, I am a great supporter of “Che” Guevara (R.I.P). Now, keep in mind that “Che” was in no way involved with Eva Peron, he was just a made up character made by the author of the play. Although the author does not use “Che” Guevara…show more content…
I know that we have not covered theater in the class and I didn’t had the book at the time so I don’t know many of the words used in the book to describe the play. Evita tells the story of Eva Perón, wife of former Argentinean president Juan Perón who was a controversial figure, but much loved by the ordinary people of Argentina. As the show opens, we witness the wails of mourners after Eva’s funeral. Our narrator, Che, then takes us back to her humble beginnings in the town of Junín, Argentina. Young and full of ambition, Eva follows her lover, the Tango singer Magaldi, to the big city, Buenos Aires. Eva was 15 at the Time! Imagine leaving your city just to follow the person you supposedly love. Eva made it to the city, where she romances men of increasing status as she climbs the social ladder. Eva meets Juan Perón at a fundraising event and they fall for

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