Unification Of Athens

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Following the unification of Athens in 700 B.C.E. on Attica, a king had been put in power, and thus a monarchy was born. However, nearly a hundred years later in 600 B.C.E., the Aristocrats had formed an oligarchy which then ruled Athens. On the verge of civil war, the Aristocrats made the decision to give power to Solon in 594 B.C.E.. The many changes made by Solon proved to be popular, but they did not improve the overall situation in Athens. Another aristocrat named Pisistratus. His attempts to salvage the situation by giving land to the poor in 560 B.C.E. was met by rebellion from Athenians. Two years later in 512 B.C.E., Cleisthenes had gained power. A council of five hundred people was created that oversaw foreign affairs and that proposed

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