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The legal profession is very important in any country and organized legal profession helps in the development of nation by imparting justice. It is said that well organized legal system needs an efficient Bar. So, it becomes important to sneak into the history of Indian legal profession so as to know how the efficient Bar has been established in our country. The Indian legal profession can be traced prior to the British Period. At that time there were Kings & rulers which framed the rules & regulations which resulted in maintenance of law & order in their respective territory. Even in the Vedic period also, there were rules & regulations and those who do not abide to the rules were punished. Thus, it can be said that the roots of Indian legal…show more content…
In the year 1921, a resolution was made to the legislative assembly which resulted in the appointment of the Indian Bar Committee (Chamier Committee). It was also known as Chamier Committee because Sir Edward Chamier who was the retired Chief Justice of Patna High Court was the Chair person. This Chamier Committee made rules regarding the qualifications of the individuals admitted as High court advocates & also regarding the professional conduct of the lawyers and to prescribe the punishment in case of…show more content…
The emergence of the legal profession has been the result of the efforts of many people done over a period of time. It took hundreds and thousands of years to develop it. There has been various stages in the development process of the legal profession. Law as a profession evolved basically from the three main stages which are :- classical beginnings, medieval era and post medieval era. The classical beginning is the period which comprises of the development process of legal profession in Ancient Athens and Greece. The medieval period talked about how the law developed as a profession in the Europe and England. the post medieval era talked the development of legal profession in rest of the world after the conquest of England. Law is necessary in the society for the growth and development. Law has a broader scope. Its application can be found in each and every place. Law varies from place to place and nation to nation. Lawyers play an important role in connecting the law with society. In India, law has immensely emerged after the independence of the nation, the credit of which goes to the central government and the Bar Council of India but still there is enough room for the development of the law and the legal

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