Compare And Contrast The Four British Policies For American Independence

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Meghan St. Jean 9-25-15 The independence of the American colonies was pushed by many British policies that the colonist did not like. Many of the unpopular British policies came after the French and Indian war. The French and Indian war lead to the American revolution, because Britain thought that the colonies should pay for the war, but the colonists did not agree. (In class notes/discussion) The salutary neglect, the proclamation of 1763, the sugar act, and military occupation were four British policies that lead America towards independence. One of the main policies that lead America to independence is Salutary neglect, which is the idea that the British would not enforce parliamentary laws onto the colonist. The colonies would be free to self govern, they could make and…show more content…
French and their native allies, that cost England a lot of money to support the colonists in war, Britain decided to step in and the colonies now had to follow parliamentary law. This was important because the colonist were so used to being able to govern themselves and make their own laws, that they did not like having to follow parliamentary laws. Having to follow the British rules made some of the colonist angry, and upset. (In class notes/discussion) The Important historical lesson learned from this policy is that the governing body should not change the laws, without the consent of the people. The sugar act of 1764 was another one of the British policies that push America towards independence. England thought that the colonists should have to pay for the French and Indian war, the sugar act was a way for England to get money from the colonist to pay them back for the war. (in class notes/ Discussion). George Grenville found that the government was losing money because the colonists were smuggling in good like molasses and bribing the customs officers. The custom officer were not making as much money on importing goods as they should have

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