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Philip of Macedon is the Macedonian king, who reigned from 359 BC. Philip went down in history more as a father of Alexander the Great, although carried out the most difficult, the initial objective of strengthening the Macedonian state and the actual unification of Greece under the League of Corinth. Later his son took advantage of a strong, hardened in combat army formed by Philip, to create his vast, but quickly collapsed empire. Philip went to Greece not as a conqueror, but at the invitation of the Greeks themselves to punish the inhabitants of Amfissa in central Greece for the unauthorized seizure of sacred lands. However, after the devastation of Amfissa King was in no hurry to move away from Greece. He captured a number of cities where he could easily threaten the basic Greek state. Philip left contradictory judgments made by his contemporaries. With some he aroused hatred as a suppressor of freedom, others saw in him…show more content…
The long-standing enmity of Athens and Thebes, gave way to a sense of danger from the increased power of Macedonia. United forces of these countries have tried to squeeze the Macedonians from Greece, but to no avail. Anxiety, nearly developed into a panic seized Athens. To suppress the desire to escape, the national assembly adopted a resolution, according to which this kind of actions were considered high treason and were punishable by death. Inhabitants began to vigorously strengthen the walls of the city, collect food; the entire male population was called upon to a military service, slaves were promised to find freedom. Severely ordering with Thebes, Philip suggested Athens relatively mild conditions of peace. Forced peace was

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