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The End to Internal Suffering Suffering, defined as “a state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship” (Dictionary), has thought to come from others, and not from within. This is not the case. Take depression for example. All depressions’ come from within a person, they are not brought upon by an outside source. The novel Unbroken, written by Laura Hillenbrand, captures the idea of suffering flawlessly. The main character, Louie Zamperini, goes through an experience beyond imaginable for most. Louie faces strenuous hardships causing him extreme high’s and low’s. Miraculously, though, he does not suffer nearly as much as anyone expected. This is simply because of his personality, mindset, and desire to live. He realized the suffering one…show more content…
Louie was a courageous man with a unique personality. He's considered a “wisecracker” in today’s society. Even in the most outrageous of circumstances, Louie tried to put a smile on everyone's face. Before boarding the craziest plane he’d ever flown in, The Green Hornet, Louie left a note in his footlocker reading “if we're not back in a week...help yourself to the booze” (Hillenbrand 96). By writing this, Louie was coping with the situation, the only way he knew how too. He was not positive they were going to survive, but he was at ease knowing that the others would be celebrating his life in a positive, drunken state. While on his so-called suicide rescue mission, Louie, and the other crew members had little to keep themselves occupied with, this made “the tedium of sea search made practical joking irresistible” (Hillenbrand 62). By no surprise, Louie was the finest of them all. His jokes kept his mind away from the suffering going on around him. Without all of the humor, Louie and the other men would have easily been drowning in their own suffering so deep that there was no possible positive…show more content…
Reason being, unlike Mac, Louie was able to keep the will to live in to end suffering. With no food, “[Louie] used the fishing line to tie large hooks to his pinky, middle finger, and thumb, orienting them like claws. He held his hand over the water and waited” (Hillenbrand 115). Without food, the men would have died a slow and painful death. Louie eliminated that from happening with his desire to live and get rescued. This caused the suffering from hunger to never even occur. On top of hunger, the men were also faced with near death experiences. After taking fire for hours, “the men worked, clumsy with fatigue. All three were indispensable. Had there been only two, the couldn’t have pumped, patched, and hit sharks” (Hillenbrand 122). After getting shot at a choice needed to be made. It was simple, to live or not to live. The men made that decision right away to survive. After the shooting, they began to save their lives more and more with every pump. Their fight to live eliminated all

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