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Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 diabetes formally known as a non-insulin-dependent mellitus is a metabolic disorder due to high blood sugar levels in the body, and reduced insulin secretion by the pancreas (Qing pg 3). Insulin is what metabolizes and transports the blood sugar into the cells throughout the body to fuel itself. The pancreas in response secretes the insulin into the blood stream. When insulin resistance occurs the amount of insulin secreted is not enough to transport the blood sugar to the cells . This causes the cells to eventually resist the insulin entirely. This may take months, or even years, but it will ultimately causes a person to become obese. Obesity is a powerful risk factor in the development of…show more content…
When the human body can not use insulin efficiently the pancreas has to produce twice as much to regulate the blood sugar levels. Especially if the person with insulin resistance has a high carbohydrate diet. Why is this relevant to the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes one might ask? Sure just because someones body refuses to recognize the increased amount of insulin created by the pancreas, in an attempt to combat the rising blood glucose levels doesn't automatically result in Type 2 diabetes. It will in fact lead to obesity over time, and this is directly linked to Type 2…show more content…
From an observation done during a recent study, 20 percent of patients with Type 2 were not obese, and even in the highest risk group with a body mass index and high hip-waist ratio will escape Type 2 diabetes(Kumar pg 6). Even with the number previously presented above, do not be alarmed, Type 2 diabetes can easily be avoided in both young and old people. A great way to prevent Type 2 diabetes would be to avoid allowing the cells to become resistant to insulin. The fastest way to do this is by eating healthy. Particularly watching carbohydrate intake and exercising regularly. This way the insulin and the blood sugar typically stay on the same level, and avoid becoming overly dependent on one or the other. For those who find it hard to resist eating healthy, there are also plenty of diabolical supplements

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