Type 2 Diabetes Research Paper

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ntroduction While changing lifestyle of human being may overwhelmingly raise the number of health issues all around world. Among prevalence of common health problems in United States, diabetes mellitus is the most significant and wide spread because according to American diabetes association in 2012, there are 29.1 million Americans suffering from a diabetes mellitus which represents 9.3% of the total American population. Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders which considers as an increase in blood glucose level due to failing of insulin secretion or its action. There are two most common types of diabetes mellitus which are type 1 and type 2. Meanwhile, Type 2 diabetes mellitus is most prevalent among type 1 and type 2 since…show more content…
In normal digestive process, after breakdown of food by enzymes, glucose is released into blood stream then pancreas releases hormone called insulin by beta cells into blood. After that, insulin helps in dispelling extra glucose from the blood stream by body cells such as muscle, liver and fat cells to store additional glucose as a glycogen. However, in type 2 diabetes mellitus, over the period of time, the body cells became unaffected by insulin action, so ultimately, the blood glucose concentration is rising and cause hyperglycemia. The most leading risk factors of diabetes mellitus type 2 are overweight, physical inactivity, history of type 2 diabetes in brother, sister of parents, 45 year or older age, high intake of carbohydrate and fat, high blood pressure and race or ethnicity such as African-American, Hispanics, and American Indians. In addition to these, there are few risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus, which are related to environment, socio-economic status and psychological, but they are still needed to be proved based on

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