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Health care in the United States is unaffordable. Unless health care costs are brought under control, individuals, families, businesses, state and federal government will go bankrupt. How do we deal with this crisis of health care cost growth? A major cause of excessive health care spending is the wasteful and expensive way health care is delivered in the United States. The solution which may be unattainable is to deliver health care in a more cost effective way. However, many government officials take the stand that the cost should be placed on the consumer with higher deductibles and out of pocket expenses. This is not the answer. The answer is through innovations and medical technology. Innovations in medical care have led to major…show more content…
The first way is by improving the standards of care. By data being collected by electronic health records it allows tracking and the ability to provide the best treatments for patients. The best treatments will create a healthier society which in turn decreases the need for expensive disease treatments. The second way technology helps reduce cost is by giving patients access to their chart and involving the patient in their care. Patient’s can contact their doctors through email with questions which reduces the ED visits when they cannot reach their doctor. The largest portion of health care expenditures is in treating chronic health diseases. Co morbidities and chronic diseases are usually a result of bad lifestyle choices. Health care technology allows access to disease management and combined data that shows successful and innovative ways to treat chronic diseases. Another way technology helps is by taking cutting edge information and research and allowing providers to access it and see what information is in the forefront at the time of treatment. Finally technology allows the patient to be included in their care. Healthcare technology is a useful tool that allows patients to educate themselves and question certain services, prices and choose quality healthcare over our current health care system that leaves patients in the

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