Two Types Of Monetary Policy

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Monetary Policy What is it? Monetary policy is the macroeconomic policy laid down by the central bank (ECB for Ireland) and is used to control the amount of money and loans a bank can offer. Monetary policy is often used in a way which targets the rate of interest to promote growth and stability in the region that such a monetary policy in introduced. The official goals of altering the monetary policy usually include stabilising prices of goods and lowering employment. There are two types of monetary policy: Expansionary Policy When an expnsionary policy is introduced it will increase the supply of money availible for the banks to lend, this allow the banks to have easier access to money, thus allowing the real interest rate in that region…show more content…
This is esed when the both spending and availibilty of money is high.When this happens prices of products and services start to rise and this is known as inflation. When inflation starts to get higher than forcasted by the government they can step in with this contractionry policy to slow down or stop inflation to keep it at a mangeable level. The main goal of the contractionary policy is to make lending or getting a loan an unnatractive option for both the bank and the person looking for a loan. This is acheved by reducing the supply of money to the banks and this in turn will increase the interest rates for the loans the banks are offering, this will reduce spending as people cannot afford to take out loans and they also take currency out of circulation by borrowing money from institutions or individuals in the form of bonds. If the interest paid on these bonds is increased, more investors will buy them. This will take money out of circulation. Central banks can also reduce the amount of money they lend out or call in existing debts to reduce the money supply and this should reduce inflation. The cons of using a contractioonary policy include ruduced production in an economy as a by-product of slowing the economic engine. More expensive investment capital and a reduced demand for products and services are the main contributors to this slow down. Once…show more content…
There are not many examples of contractionary monetary policy in use as most central banks want the economy to improve as much as it can. But in some cases like in the US in the 1970's inflation was high due to a stop go monetary policy. The US central bank had to back down and implement a contractionary policy to reduce nflation. By using the above

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