Tryon Edwards

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" Right actions for the future are the best apologies for wrong ones in the past" -Tryon Edwards After analyzing the quote the reader realizes that these words ring true. The quote goes hand and hand with other sayings. For example, 'practice what you preach', basically saying your words are useless without action. What Tryon Edwards seemed to be saying was to make right actions in account for past mistakes. While this is true, it seems that the mistakes would change who you are to make better choices. For example, in the Book of Genesis, a man named Jacob, was born as the son of Isaac. During the beginning of Jacob's life, Jacob was shown to be manipulative, greedy, dangerous, sinful, and evil. His mother and Jacob would occasionally plot against Isaac and the elder brother. Jacob once fooled his father into giving him the blessing instead of the brother who was naturally the heir of the blessing. However, after many years he had a fight over his sinful lifestyle r his faith in God. After the numerous years The Lord changed the heart of Jacob which helped him overcome sin, he was then given the name Israel, since it's meaning is symbolic of his…show more content…
These examples show how people change to do good choices to make up for past regrets and to show words are useless without action, hence the saying 'a picture equals a thousand words'. Like smokers, they claim they will stop smoking and usually never will or try, and the ones that do make right choices to help themselves and others from making that or similar mistakes again. Remember, when you say something back it up with actions. So here's a question for you, will you make right choices for the future to make up for past regrets. All I can say ask is for you and many other people to think over what has been shown here and to think over that last
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