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Historical How were they used? Trebuchets were invented in China in 300 BC, as ancient warfare. It later was developed to be used in the middle ages, as warfare. It was first used in Europe in the 12th century. A trebuchet is a mechanical thrower like a catapult, but uses a counter mass, to shoot projectiles. The entire trebuchet utilizes counterweights; the counterweight can be small or large. However, the larger the counterweight is, the better the trebuchet is. It uses the concept of gravity and leverage to shoot a projectile, such as rocks, heavy stones to smash castles/ city walls. Were they in fact used effectively at all? Trebuchets are advance piece of warfare, especially during the middle ages. During, that time they were used in…show more content…
Kinetic Energy: energy in moving objects. Payload: objects being fired; load that’s to be fired. Potential Energy: stored energy, from an object’s position. Range: varying between certain limits; the distance over which an object can be thrown. Siege Engines: A device that is used as warfare in the middle ages, to destroy and damage city walls. Trebuchet: A device that was used in the medieval times, which hurled large stones and other projectiles. Diagrams Written Explanation The trebuchet consists of a pivoting wooden arm, a counterweight, and pouch containing the object that is to me thrown. When the heavy counterweight is released due to gravity, the pouch flies up, and releases the projectile towards the intended target. As well, the trebuchet could be moved by a group of people. The trebuchet uses a large windlass mechanism to pull down its arm; the tightening of the rope allows to the reload the pouch easily and pull down its arm. Construction tips What do others who have made trebuchets have to offer? What makes it tricky? To make sure that the trebuchet does not flip over when the counterweight drops and projectile is

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