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I chose this project because when I saw the medieval battles in class I noticed the war machines that the medieval people and decided to make a trebuchet. The trebuchet I am presenting represents the medieval culture because nations would use trebuchets to destroy their enemy’s castle walls and get in. I learned that captains of the army that had trebuchets would sometimes throw heads, corpses, metal or stone balls, dead animals, excrement (waste matter dischargered from the body, especially feces), trash, and even Greek fire. Most of those things are just used to not only to destroy walls but also to humiliate the enemy, taint their water supply, and spread diseases. I also learned that the ballista, a very powerful bow that can throw even rocks, was the first war machine to be used to affectively attack the other team but was soon forgotten once the trebuchet became popular. I made the trebuchet with wood from the end of a fence post that was left over from when my dad made our fence. Next I got the nails from the bottom of my dad’s tool box. Then I got the rod from a random place in my garage of which my dad found while looking for other supplies. Next I got the wood glue from my dad’s work area. After that I got the rocks from…show more content…
Then I put the pieces of wood that connect the sides in between the two sides then I made the throwing arm. Next we found the metal rod and cut it and put it threw the two sides and the throwing arm. After that I went outside and got some rocks from my back yard. While I did that my dad got some old nice pants that had a hole in them and I cut out the pouch of the pocket on his pants and put the rocks in that. Then I cut out the bottom of the pant leg and made the sling for the ammo (marshmallows) and put it on a nail that we had put on the end of the throwing arm and stapled the other side of the sling on. Finally we made some miner but major adjustments to make the trebuchet throw

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