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Long time ago people tended to stay in one place. Thy only travelled to seek food or to escape danger. The good book, the Bible of course makes reference to travel for purposes of trade and in ancient times we began to see routes being created for the purpose of allowing trade. Transportation The mode of transportation available determines the destinations to which one can travel. The location of accommodation, in turn, followed the development of transportation. The first type of transportation was the Stagecoach travel These Coaches were invented in Hungary in the fifteenth century. The need to rest horses every few kilometers led to the development of post, or posting, houses where the animals could be changed or fed. This also allowed…show more content…
Air service in both Europe and the United States was reserved for ferrying the mail. Seven years later Western Airlines began carrying the mail and one passenger if the weight limitations permitted. By 1940, the travel time between Britain and the United States had been cut from six days to one, and the airlines began to take away the market from the liners. In 1958 the introduction of jet travel reduced the time from 24 hours to eight. Today, the Concorde crosses the Atlantic in just over three hours. Conditions for travel It is obvious that there is a very important link between transportation and tourism which inevitably helped in the development of Jamaica's tourism sector. Travel between two points can be explained in terms of three factors: complementarity, intervening opportunity and transferability. For travel to take place there must be a demand in one place and supply in another. For example, people in the colder area of United States want sunshine and Jamaica offers sunshine (supply); thus complementarity exists. This factor will encourage travel only if no intervening opportunity is present, thus showing the relevance of the above stated modes of transportation making Jamaica easily

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