Theme Of Conflict In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, there are many times that people and society experience many challenges and conflicts.. Harper Lee’s novel is all about people overcoming fears and stepping over the boundaries, what is part of the cause to all of these conflicts. To overcome these challenges and issues in the world or with people, you have to work together to accomplish and achieve that goal together. This book takes place in the southern town, Maycomb alabama. This town is small, where “Everybody knows everybody” This is good, to know who you live with and who to spend your life with, but can lead to many conflicts over time, especially person vs. person and people vs. society. Also, how different would this small little town be if it…show more content…
Bob is basically everything Atticus is not. He is rude and mean, and beat one of kis kids. ( Mayella) He falsely accused Tom of raping his daughter Mayella. I believe he did this to cover up all of the bruises he left behind on her when he violently beat her for seducing a colored man. He went to court and win the case, but people in Maycomb do not see him as the hero he thought he was actually going to be, mostly because of Atticus’s amazing work at being Tom’s lawyer and proving he was actually innocent, and it was Bob who beat his daughter. People only convicted Tom Robinson guilty because of the terrible racism that took place during the time. Back to Bob, he was low in societys level. People saw him as one level above the colored people. Bob lived a terrible life style. His house was a big dump, except for some flowers. The Ewells have no education, no money, and are the lowest among the low in Maycomb among the whites. The single thing that actually elevates them at any level in the community at all is the fact that they are…show more content…
Society.” A way this conflict is shown is with Mr. Raymond. Mr. Dolphus raymond is a wealthy white man in Maycomb. He has a black mistress and mulatto children. In this time period, it is believed that it is wrong to be in love with a black person if you are white. Because of this, a lot of people have judged him and criticized his choices and lifestyle. Therefore, to not get as harshly judged, Mr. Dolphus Raymond pretends to be a drunk, or alcoholic. He lives with his wife at her house. He also pretends to be a drunk so they have an explanation of why he acts the way he does, when in reality he is jaded by the hypocrisy of white society, so he prefers to live among and with the blacks.This is very dumb in my opinion. People should be able to like who they like. The racism and criticism in this time is terrible. Another way of person vs. society is one of the main characters and the one telling the story in first person. Scout is know as a “tomboy.” She is not very ladylike, and doesn’t like to be. In the book, she is appeared as six years old i the begging, as nine when the book ends. Her father is Atticus and her brother is Jem. She is different from the other girls in maycomb for how she

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