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Jim Crow was a set of laws which discriminated against colored people,especially African Americans.The origins of Jim Crow Laws is a racist depiction of an African American named Jim Crow,acting stupid and imitated African American customs.To mock African Americans even further,white actors would darken their skin and add red to their lips to make it look big and act look complete dumb people.The name “Jim Crow” was the name of a stereotypical African American,he was named that because blacks would often be called “crows” because that animal was black and crazy,and Jim was a common African American name.5 Some of the Jim Crow Laws declared that if a black person were driving with a white person, then the black person had to sit in the back…show more content…
Plessy tried out the law where blacks couldn’t sit where whites could by buying a ticket in a train for where white people sat.He protested that he was an American citizen and also said,“I have paid for a first-class ticket,and intend to ride to Covington in the first-class car”2 The conductor immediately stopped the train and a detective arrested Plessy and he was dragged away by other passengers from the train.Plessy then went to court and answered why he broke the law of Separate Car Act.After the incident,the protesters posted bail for $500 to be released.His protesting and defense of unfair skin color separation failed in the Supreme Court and African Americans still were giving unfair treatments.4 What was even more unfair was that if someone was kind enough to let the whites and the colored have equal treatment and were caught,they would be punished for several years in prison.Each state had different Jim Crow Laws,but there were different Jim crow laws for each state.In Georgia when people are being buried an officer can not bury him or her.Unfortunately, people used the Jim Crow Laws to their advantage and Jim Crow laws were already unfair,so the white people used the laws to their advantage and gave colored people a hard time in the Jim Crow era.There was something called the Great Migration where millions of African Americans left the South and went to the North to escape from the harsh conditions. After moving to the north it let the African Americans be part of things like the industries and society and soon gain freedom for

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