The Cruel Society In The Things They Carried By Sepetys

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Lina is suppressed to the lower levels of society by the harshness of the Soviets, as seen by Sepetys’ use of aggressive diction against Lina. However, it is the language of memory and hope that is the key factor in contributing to the freedom of her thoughts, which raises her status high above of what the Soviets think in society. The harshness of the Soviets suppresses Lina’s status greatly in society, as seen by Sepetys’ use of aggressive diction toward Lina. There are many instances of when Lina and her family are “humiliated” (Sepetys 28) by the Soviets. In fact, the term for their names are not Lithuanians anymore, instead “bourgeois pigs” (Sepetys 11) and criminals of war. Throughout the beginning of novel, one can see how cruel society…show more content…
They have no place to live in, and all there is left is the filthy mud hut where only people whose lives are “worth a pocket watch” (Sepetys 27) live in. Often, for young aged teenagers like Lina to live in such an isolated area with freezing temperatures and given the truth that they’re only worth a pocket watch is extremely unhealthy both mentally and socially to their well being. For one’s mental health to be healthy is when his/her condition with regard to his/her psychological and emotional well-being. When one gets isolated to an area where there there is completely nothing, they feel worthless and hopeless. Isolation also causes increased risk of depression, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks and even takes the motivation away from a person. Lina has been isolated from her society that she lives in and moved to another isolated area. Her mental health will be significantly damaged if she keeps on getting isolated to Arctic Siberia. The reason why Lina and her family have been isolated is caused by the fact that they are “bourgeois” people who were only worth a pocket watch. One can choose to either throw it away, damage it without feeling pity, or sell it for a low price. One whose life is worth a pocket watch is worth nothing but an object that us, as humans, can do anything

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