Qantas Porter's 5 Forces

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Qantas is recognized to be one of the oldest and longest running companies in Australia. In fact, it is the second oldest airline globally and upholds a very successful history (Qantas Web Site, 2015). Founded in 1920 at Queensland outback, Qantas is the biggest domestic and international airline in Australia. It is among the world leaders in flying long distances. Its services spread from Australia to Europe and the North America. Today, Qantas employs close to 33,600 employees and spreads its services in 44 countries with 182 destinations altogether. Imperative to the success of Qantas is target market identification. In selecting its target market, Qantas applies behavioral segmentation (Mortished, 2003). This facilitates market division, advertising and products to be aimed particularly to the customers who are most responsive. The target market of Qantas is divided…show more content…
In the sector of domestic Airlines in Australia, Qantas has retained a dominant position with a circa market share of 65 % through its Jetstar and Qantas brands. The organization has successfully applied a duel branding strategy in Qantas that provides a full cost service together with Jestar which is an airline that is extremely low cost and which has successful driven substantial growth in recent years including expanding internationally. The positive differentiation has allowed the group to retain the biggest market share in both the Australian’s low cost ends and business of the Australian market at the same time. Qantas has gone through a major transformation in the international business which has in turn resulted to an improvement of $ 171 m in the segment’s underlying performance. Being part of the process, further improvements will see the segment get back to

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