To Kill A Mockingbird Themes

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To kill a mockingbird does an excellent job at showing all of humanity’s good and bad sides. The mockingbird from the title does not mean a real bird but as in an innocent person, pure, one that stands up for oneself, someone who is uninfluenced by peer pressure. To kill a Mockingbird does a good job at showing how people act in a society. The complex characters are what make the book so authentic. The story takes place during the Great American Depression. The plot include two subplots which in the end connect. One subplot features boo radley a mysterious man that who is absent from maycomb society, and is the towns scapegoat. The other subplot being, atticus defending the innocent Tom Robinson in court against a bias jury. Although this plot may not sound interesting the atmosphere that harper lee created has lead her to win the 1961 Pulitzer prize. This classic is still read and studied because its themes are still relevant and will continue to be relevant.…show more content…
The author did a brilliant job at creating a society full of diverse character with slightly different personality traits. Excluding the mockingbirds; each character has at least one destructive quality that they are infamously known for. The characters and themes make Maycomb very relatable. For example, every community has a group of people that get looked down on, for maycomb, its the Ewells, “the disgrace of maycomb for three generations”(40). The brilliant design of maycomb’s society is why its a perfect example to study and compare one's own

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