To Kill A Mockingbird Conflict Analysis

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In to kill a mockingbird the theme of the author using conflict and symbolism to examine how having modern ideas in a traditional setting can lead to being outcast. Lee used conflict to highlight the families differences. She used symbolism to explore how the town of Maycomb holds on to traditional southern values, and used setting to isolate the abnormality of original ideas. Lee uses conflict to highlight the Finch family's differences. In the text ms.Dubose says " what are you doing in those overalls...your father is no better than the niggers he works for" (TKAM 101). This quote Draws attention to the fact that girls wearing pants and whites working with blacks isn't accepted in Maycomb. It introduces the reader into the idea that the finch children aren't considered proper by many of the neighbors. Then again in the text when finch got in trouble with her new teacher, " she discovered I was literate and looked at me with more than slight distaste" (TKAM 17). This quote shows the value of learning in the…show more content…
Symbolism can be found in chapter 23, when finch was describing the courthouse. It says " the pillars were all that remained standing... Another courthouse was built around them" (TKAM 162). The courthouse represents the clashing of values at the turn of a is also a great example of how the people of Maycomb hold onto every glimpse of the past. Another quote in the text that shows how family history is valued is "being southerners it is a great science of shame to some members of the family that we have no recorded ancestors on the battle" (TKAM 3). This quote stresses the importance of ancestral history. The actions of your family completely rules how people perceive you. It also shows finches nonchalant attitude of how society labels her. These examples of symbolism show how using symbolism sets the mood in a very subtle
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