Cell Phones Cause Brain Damage Case Study

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Do mobile phones cause brain damage. If so what can be done to reduce the risk of brain damage? Hypothesis: If humans frequently use mobile phones close to their heads over a long period of time, then this could cause brain damage. This is because the radiation from the mobile phones causes the cells in blood vessels to shrink. This then allows potentially harmful substances in the blood to 'leak' or enter into the brain. Even more exposure to radiation from the phone could make the blood brain barrier become more permeable, allowing more harmful substances to enter into the brain, which then increases brain damage. Why is there suddenly concern that cell phones might cause cancer and other health problems? • Cell phones emit radiofrequency…show more content…
The only consistently known biological effect of radiofrequency energy is heating. One example of this effect of radiofrequency energy is the ability of microwave ovens to heat food. Radiofrequency exposure from cell phone use only causes heating to the area of the body where a cell phone or other device is held like the ear and head. However, this heating is not enough to significantly increase body temperature, and there are no other clear effects on the body from radiofrequency energy. Studies have suggested that radiofrequency energy might affect glucose metabolism. But two small studies were carried out that examined brain glucose metabolism after use of a cell phone. They both showed inconsistent results. One study showed increased glucose metabolism in the region of the brain close to the antenna compared with tissues on the opposite side of the brain and the other study found that the glucose metabolism reduced on the side of the brain where the phone was used. This information could be seen as irrelevant, as none of the studies were consistent and showed the same…show more content…
• Do not use mobile phones more than 10 minutes continuously. During conversation, mobile phone will release bursts of energy to keep link with the strongest base station. • Try to use the mobile phone maximum one hour per day. If you want to use it more than this, use Bluetooth or head phones. • Keep mobile phone away from bed while sleeping. It may affect your sleep physiology. Keep the phone at least 1 meter away from your body while you sleep. • Do not use mobile phone when it is connected to charger. Electricity problems may cause shock hazards. • Do not use mobile phone when there is lightning. • Do not over charge, mobile battery. It may reduce its life. • Don’t give mobile phone to children. Radiation hazard is more in children than adults as their skulls are much thinner than adults and so the radiation can penetrate deeper into the child’s skull. • Do not use a mobile phone while driving. It will increase the cognitive load and reduce your reaction time which then leads to accidents. • Do not use a mobile phone near a petrol station. The static electricity in the atmosphere may explode by taking radiation from the mobile phone, which then could cause a

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