Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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SOLIDERS’ ASTOMSPHERE IN A WARZONE SURREAL OR HONOR One could say that home, friends and family is the truest setting of sanity one could get, although, does that hold true for the ones who are drafted to a war zone , who are forced to kill people for reasons unknown to them, and to wreak havoc to lives they do not know? The use of setting in a story is a vital component in developing background upon which the story will play out. In the short stories by Tim O’Brien, “The Things That They Carried” action takes place in the Vietnam War Era. Throughout this period, there was plenty of political and social conflict taking place in the United States and from this conflict; our protagonist arises to tell his side of the story. Although, “Things…show more content…
In “On the Rainy River” when, “Tim” the narrator is contemplating about his escape to Canada, O’Brien (1990, pg. 42), states [I feared the war, yes, but I also feared exile. I was afraid of walking away from my own life, my friends and my family, my whole history, everything that mattered to me. I feared losing the respect of my parents.] As “Tim” fled to Wisconsin he came upon this little cabin where this older gentlemen knew why he was there. He let him stay in the woods, there he cut wood, fished and repaired the cabin while he made peace with himself to return home and go to war. This fear also took over “Tim” the narrator, in another story by Tim O’Brien, in “Going After Cacciato” and the character is Paul Berlin who faces death in the tunnels in jungle heat, while other soldiers are dying around him. (McWilliams, 1988). Both these characters are in the same setting of Than Khe, Vietnam. Both find themselves facing death, blood, and a war out of their control were politics and social confrontations seemed to be the root of all-evil with neither one wanting to
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