Heracles Amphora Analysis

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Existence and Implication of Heracles on the Amphora The Greek’s arts have amazing skills and splendor of creative artists, so those arts are literally unbelievable without any exaggeration. In addition, the arts perfectly shows the detail such as what the Greek people thought about and what culture belonged to the Greek people. One of the specific example is Attic Red Figure Stamnos. This is an amphora that has an image about Heracles who fights with a lion. This art makes observers ponder what the implication of the image is. The obvious fact is that the main character is Heracles, hence the answer about an implication of the image is in Heracles’s existence. Although his face is the focus of entire amphora, there are two more aspects that support Heracles’s existence in the amphora to reveal an implication. Here are total three aspects: Heracles’s emotional face, his stark naked body, and the lion’s petrified face.…show more content…
Even though Heracles fights with the huge lion, his face does not reveal his emotion at all. The image discloses that he tries to choke the lion to defeat perfectly. Nevertheless he puts his power as much as he can, his right-side eyebrow is never shifted. In addition, his right-side eye does not slant upwards or frowns. It stays in normal state like he opens in usual day. Also, his eyebrow and eye has less dusky and thinner lines than his hair and beard. His overall face refers innocent or pure image even though he is in a fight with the lion. If the artist made the Heracles’s eyebrow that frowns intensely with wrinkles or slants upward, the art could be more dynamic and vitality. However, the reason the artist did abandon the expression of dynamic and vivid should be that he wanted to refer how Greek people are merciless at a

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