Mary Cassatt's The Boating Party

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During the twentieth-century, the relationship between art and music begin to intertwine into new ideologies, such as impressionism which was incorporated within the American painter, Mary Cassatt’s artistic piece, The Boating Party. This artistic piece emphasized the manipulation of light and color by fixating artistic features of strong lines and dramatic colors in which helped to strongly emphasize an expressionistic mood within the painting itself in which nostalgia can truly be felt through the masterpiece within its viewers. The manipulation of light and color compares to the correlating aspects of music impressionism due to the idea that impressionism in music is characterized by modal and exotic scales, unresolved dissonances, parallel chords,…show more content…
Arnold Schoenberg created his “masterful” piece, Pierrot Lunaire due to his efforts in the breakdown of the traditional tonal system and his development of the twelve-tone method. Schoenberg incorporates expressionistic ideologies within his piece, Pierrot Lunaire in order to stress a light, ironical, satirical tone in which expresses the emotions of a seemingly psychotic clown and its gradual mental breakdown of depression due to the guilt of his love for the moon. Schoenberg’s expressionist painting, The Red Gaze, is expressed in a subconscious, yet halluncinistic style due to its complex usage of dark strokes and defined characteristics in which characterize an obscure face without pupils; seemingly inhuman within its obscure characteristics. Schoenberg’s ability to incorporate expressionistic ideologies and characteristics within his artistic and musical pieces reveals a correlating relationship of a suspenseful mood in which is seemingly taboo due to the obscurity and seemingly psychotic

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