Failure Of Reconstruction Era

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Civil Rights have always been a huge part of the United States. Every time the law has been unjust to a certain group of people. During the 1950s and 60s they were a huge part of the social life of many Americans, especially African Americans. The Civil Rights movement really pointed out the failures of Reconstruction which allowed the Jim Crow Laws to be passed, kept black people from serving on juries and voting, and kept black people in poverty. Jim Crow Laws were definitely a failure of reconstruction that civil rights movement addressed. These laws were designed to enforce the segregation of black people and white people. They were passed from the end of reconstruction through this time period. These laws made interracial marriage illegal and anyone that had a mixed child, was looked down upon. People…show more content…
Reconstruction did not help black people get good jobs at all. Black people did not get the best education that white people did which meant that it was a harder for them to find a job, especially if the person looking for a job was racist. Eventually, affirmative action was put into place which really helped black people find a job. During this time, the black poverty rate was three times higher than the white man’s. Black people did not make a lot of money which was a really big setback, they could not buy a good home, car, and other necessities. Some black people eventually saved up enough money to buy a nice home but they would face discrimination when they wanted to buy one. A resolution to this was the Equal Housing Act, this act prohibited the discrimination in the sale, rental, or financing of dwellings. Another big resolution that was interrupted by the Vietnam War was the Great Society. The Great Society was a reform program that would help lessen the poverty gap by passing a series of acts that would make things better for those in
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