Obesity In Australia

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Define obesity and outline the extent of the disease in Australia. (You must use current statistics, no later than 2005) (5 marks) Obesity is a term used to describe somebody who is very overweight with a high degree of body fat. Being a little overweight may not cause many noticeable problems, but once you are carrying a few extra kilograms, you may develop symptoms that affect your daily life.- Health Direct Obesity (or obese) is used to 'classify' someone who is grossly overweight and has a high percentage of fat on their body. A study in 2013 showed that 28% of Australians were obese in the 2011-2012 period. Western New South Wales won the top spot with 79% of resident obese or overweight. While the North Shore and the Northern Beaches were at the bottom with only 14% of resident overweight. - ABC News b) Analyse the possible reasons (lifestyle behaviours) for the rise of obesity in the last 10 years. (10 marks) In the past 10 years the percentage of obese Australians has risen dramatically due to a number of changes in lifestyle that many Australian families have made. Whether it be; physically or in their diet. •One of the many possible reasons for the increase of obesity in Australia is our…show more content…
Ten years ago children would get home, grab an apple or a piece of bread with honey or peanut butter and then go play outside until it was too dark too see. Their parents would arrive home and cook a healthy meal for them and then occasionally (once or twice a week) the children would be given dessert like ice-cream with fruit. Compared to now, children arrive home sit on the couch eating potato chips and playing on mind-numbing electronic games until their devices die from low battery. Their parents arrive home and decide to take them out for a huge feast of processed burgers, oily chips and sugar filled soft drinks and when they arrive home large helpings of ice-cream covered in chocolate

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