Disengagement Theory Essay

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M2: Discuss two major theories of ageing in relation to the development of the individual Disengagement theory argues that as people enter older adulthood they might start to withdraw themselves from social activities, and separate themselves from society. This could be down to many factors for example low self-esteem due to physical decline. Aging for an individual has a mixture of ups and downs; there may be times during the aging process were a person may begin to disengage him/herself from social activities. The person might not go out as often because they no longer see the enjoyment in meeting new people and making new friends. This could have be down to a number of factors such as retirement, since retirement from a job means the individual…show more content…
This could lead to them feeling embarrassed or scared of becoming dependent on others as they may have to let health and social care professionals and family do many things for them like shopping, cooking and cleaning the house. In relation, many things contribute to a person disengaging him or herself from society for example, many old people have difficulties with transport and travel and this can be a big problem with for the elderly because it may be even harder for them to visit family or friends because they have no form of…show more content…
Services provided by health and social care provision can help by encouraging and supporting older people who are showing signs of disengagement, these services may also involve group activities, or the company of a social worker who may support & assist an individual who may need or want it and those who are already active should also be encouraged to help them remain socially active and

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