Descriptive Essay About Water

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Gliding along the water at a very fast speed, the wind is so vigorous, the fresh morning air brushes against my face. The water is absolute perfect. Looking down at the clear blue water and see my contemplation, i see my reflection, the water is like a mirror. I start carving across the wake at a very fast pace, left to right. Over in the distance there is a mother duck with ten little ducklings following behind her, they are as fluffy as a kitten, they are all so cute. The cold water is streaming up and down my legs. Taking one of my hands off the handle and reach up to wave to my family on the side of the bank, they wave back. I am having the best time of my life. Suddenly another boat zooms past our boat. There are a lot of waves in the…show more content…
I’m out of the water, I’m out of breath. Here I am Left stranded 200 meters away from shore, frightened. I must fight for my life as the deadly predator circles me in its feeding ground. It is currently the end high tide which means on low tide this rock will be under water. So I have to have another i turn around I see an object floating in the water, its my ski, if I can get to it I can use it as protection and possible defeat the shark before my dad comes back in the boat. The rock is slowing fading under water, I’m getting closer and closer to the water every second. I have only one choice, swim to my ski and defeat the shark. Silently i get out into the water, too much noise will attract the shark. I than swim as quiet as I possibly can towards my ski. I’m inches away from my ski when the shark notices me out in the water. I instantly think I’m in big trouble, I’m going to die. I get my ski and wait for the shark, I’m looking in every angle I can to spot where the shark is, I feel a forceful gasp of wind on my feet. I’m ready to defend my self as before I can even blink the shark grabs me with its vicious teeth, holding me

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