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Jesus in Mark and Mathew Studying the 4 gospels we know as "Evangelion" or "Good News" is a rewarding way to know the message of Jesus with different lenses. Being able to see the diversity and development of Matthew and Mark appreciate the beginnings of Christianity and in Luke and John. In a general sense, the gospel as good news also used to describe the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in his role as son of God / Authority, God Himself in / Kingdom and / or Messiah / Ejercito de Paz (Note Class 2 / 3). In fact, as scholars believe that the gospels are a type of ancient biography (Ehrman, 2012, p. 85) to reveal the truth and the story of Jesus, Christology. In this work we will be getting closer to understand, explain and compare the narrative presenting the character of Jesus in Mark and Matthew. From the beginning the Church has been considered as…show more content…
For example, Jesus was "compassion" and "touched" a leper (Mark 1:41). The rich young man "ran" and "kneeling" before Jesus "loved" him (Mark 10: 17-22). This scene, it is not God Who describe Jesus as the Son, but the forces of evil. Mark 3: 7-12 speaks of demons WHO Recognize Jesus as "Son of God" (v. 11), Which coincides With His baptism and glorification. In Mark 5: 1-20, many demons Mentioned and call it "Son of the Most High God" (5: 7, cf. 1:24, 34). In Scripture, Peter referred to Marco as "my son" (1 Peter 5:13). "Marcos, who became the interpreter of Peter, wrote accurately, though not in order, all he remembered of the things said or done by the Lord." Irenaeus wrote: "Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, himself also gave us in writing the things preached by Peter." Gospel of Matthew Jesus did not write anything. Neither gave his apostles commissioned to make a written message by the announced or write the story of his earthly life. The apostles to announce to all peoples the Gospel, had the spoken word and live, the apostolic

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