Environmental Issues In Sundarbans

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Environmental today is a global issue. Ruthless exploitation of nature by man to meet his ever increasing needs and greeds had brought the ecological balance of our planet on the brink of collapse. It is now man’s turn to pay the debt by keeping the earth lush and forest green so that we all live together and life sustains in a balanced environment. For tackling global environmental crisis there is no other option except that humanity must live within the carrying of the earth and most adopt life style and development of paths that respect and within nature’s limits. The present paper scientific expertise and local knowledge: Ecological concern in The Hungry Tide and Animal’s people negotiate this issue to show skepticism toward scientific…show more content…
It deals with the geographical areas of the sunderban islands in the Bay of Bengal. It focuses the two significant issues. One is the misery and plight of the refugees from Bangladesh and other is the very relevant aspects of the present time the complicated ecosystem and the environment. Piyali Roy, a Bengali born, American raised catelogist, travel to India to study a rare species of river dolphin. Her tools of observation binoculars, a clipboard and GPS device are symbolic of the western scientific tradition. Piya’s discovery of the dolphin’s adaptation of their behaviour to suit the ebb and flow of waters opens up endless possibilities before her for their conservation. She is so committed to the conservation of these marine mammals that she thinks, “It would be enough; as an alibi for a life. It would do; she would not need to apologize for how she had spent her time on this earth” (127). Piya’s initial ignorance about the region and its local…show more content…
For Fokir, the Bon Bibi myth functions as a way to impose order on the landscape. In the stories told to him by his mother, the dolphins were Bon Bibi’s messengers and if he “could learn to follow the shush, then [he] would always be able to find fish” (254). The dolphins mean survival for Fokir; he knows their daily patterns because they lead him to a food source. The Bon Bibi myth constructs how Fokir values the tide country and contributes to his survival and livelihood. Piya’s position as a scientist aligns her with a certain ideological outlook. For her, science serves as a way to order the chaotic and shifting terrain of the Sundarbans. The dolphins and their daily patterns are data that she can compile and analyze, but she recognizes the value of Fokir’s knowledge about the rivers from their first encounter. Her willingness to value his local knowledge reveals an openness to alternative perspectives that foreshadows her potential for further

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