Rhetorical Analysis Of Act Of Valor

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This poster is an advertisement of the movie “Act of Valor,” portraying a sense of movie through the use of dramatic colors and rhetorical techniques to successfully illustrate the purpose and tone of the movie. Looking at this dramatic poster it is clear that there is a deep meaning to each aspect of the picture, each detail holding significance. All of these features together give the viewers a sense of the story which the advertisement is portraying. The general purpose of this picture is one which relates to all movie advertisements, it is meant to draw the attention of people, inciting an awareness of the movie and generating excitement. However, there is a deeper purpose to the advertisement, the reason the artists took the…show more content…
In the case of this poster for “Act of Valor,” the artists took great care in the details of designing the picture for a particular audience. Overall, the audience for the genre of movie advertisements is rather broad, as many people enjoy watching movie. However, for this movie the audience is more distinct, as an intense and violent movie is intended only for a mature group of people. Therefore, the audience for this movie would be intended a group of people 18 and older, who enjoy intense movies based off of a true story, or even those with any connection or interest in the…show more content…
In this particular poster, there happens to be a considerable amount of pathos, the appeal to the emotions. The story portrayed is one of the navy seals, who risk their lives for the good of their country and for the lives of their fellow country-men, thus appealing to the emotion of patriotism and respect. Lastly, there is not much use of logos in this poster, the only logic being found in the facts of the advertisement, that it features real-life navy seals and the information of when the movie will be playing in

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