Similarities Between Bad Blood And Sherlock Jr.

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In both Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Sherlock Jr. there is editing that shapes and enhances the context. Shots are what make the film by putting cuts, angles, and transitions that give the film character. Cuts are the editing transition technique that determines the spacing between two shots. Both shot and cuts work hand and hand to express the motion of the film. In “Bad Blood” each shot introduced a new character with much enhanced editing techniques that give each character a deadly talent. On the other hand in Sherlock Jr. every shot either was something he wanted or trying to figure out a mystery with his “How to Be a Detective” book. Being a silent movie the cutting from each shot to shot in edited with speed and a blank telling the audience what just happened in the shot before.…show more content…
Cuts help with creating the time and space between each shot. In “Bad Blood” the editing and cutting makes it look as of Taylor kept falling first on the car, second on the examination table. Giving the transition flow into one another, and the enhanced editing to give the film motion. The story duration in “Bad Blood” all happens in one day, from the time Taylor was pushed through the window through taking on the battle field. While Sherlock Jr. goes through days, between the theater and becoming a detective. Which also explains the temporal relation between each shot, helping the audience realize the time between each shot. Plot duration is addressed in “Bad Blood” how women are strong independent people. The short time the film goes through shows each deadly talent the woman have and using it in a situation before the battle. Sherlock Jr. has a plot of doing things right, and to be a detective. Through time using in the film, the plot was addressed and executed in multiple shots and

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