Thomas Paine Arguments For American Independence

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In Common sense, Thomas paine has presented arguments for American independence. The pamphlet has explained the advantages in clear language, the need for independence and has presented arguments of why America should free itself from the Britishers who colonised them. The author begins the paper by distinguishing between society and government in general. According to him, “Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness”. Society is formed for people to come together and accomplish a goal. Government on the other hand restrains and protect us from our own vices. “the former encourages intercourse and the latter creates distinctions.” Society is a blessing and Government has its origins in the evil of the man and is therefore a necessary evil. Paine argues that, people in a…show more content…
Paine in order to make his argument clear, presents a hypothetical scenario in which a small group of persons has been placed on an island who are isolated from the rest of society. In this state, these people will develop ties with one another and in order to accomplish a goal they will come together and form society. Here, the lawmaking becomes inevitable. As one person can’t do all the work, therefore a Union with more than two people will be formed. The public consent will matter in this society. Everyone will have to right to give their comments and suggestions. As the population increases, it will be imperative for them to establish some form government and divide the people in group from
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