Riots: The Freedom Riders

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It is hard to understand what they went through because there was so much pain and suffering. They may not have been the toughest people around, but they fought until they had nothing left in themselves to go on. The Freedom Riders were not going to back down for anything, even if it meant their lives. They had so many challenging obstacles to go through, but that would not stop them. Even today, for all they went through it is still going on in our world today. It may not always be race, but many people are not equal; these events caused a lot of riots to happen because they are standing up for what they believe in just like the freedom riders did. There is nothing more patriotic than thirteen courageous Freedom Riders risking their life to…show more content…
All together there were many different races and at that time in history it was terrible for there to be whites and blacks mixed together in one place (“Freedom Riders”). Everyone dedicated to the Freedom Riders thought that with goodwill and kindness they could do anything (PBS). All of the people on the bus were eighteen through thirty years of age (Holmes). Most were in college, so to take this journey they had to stop going to school (Holmes). There were six whites and seven blacks on two buses (Colin 18-19). Even though there were whites on the buses they got treated as if they were black. The Freedom Riders could not go through any more agony, so volunteers from forty different states came to finish the job that the original Freedom Riders could not (“Freedom Riders Then”). Every single one of them had to go through nonviolence tactics (Holmes). Those who could not handle racial name callings, spit, pushed, or hit were rejected (Holmes). The people that passed had a noble reasoning of why they were going on this…show more content…
They wanted to shed new light on future African Americans, so they would not have to go through the misery that they did (“Freedom Riders”). The commission said they had gotten many complaints about how Negros could ride buses anywhere and anytime they wanted (Grolier Education 69-85). They kept continuing on no matter how harsh it got because they wanted their message to be clear (“Freedom Riders”). John Lewis was one of the drivers for the Freedom Riders because he knew many back roads which was helpful (Investigation Discovery). They had to make strategies of how they were going to get through the journey ahead of them (Investigation Discovery). The goal of the riders was to create crisis so that the government would compelled to enforce the law that was in affect but no one in the south followed (“Freedom Riders Then”). During this time there were 400 that tried to challenge segregation (Investigation Discovery). Many people were willing to risk their own lives through the difficult, long journey to get

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