Aunt Mattie's Tie Analysis

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AUNT MATTIE’S PIE Written by Sherry R. Coldiron Aunt Mattie is baking pies today and setting them out to cool. Everyone loves her pies, especially Jack. They always make him drool. Jack is Aunt Mattie’s nephew. He loves to play Hide and Seek. He likes snitching a pie from her windowsill at least once a week. From behind a tree, Jack is waiting for a chance to snitch a pie. He’ll wait until she’s not looking and not standing anywhere nearby. He thinks he’s going to just take a pie and get by with it again. “I’ll make sure he gets a very good pie,” Aunt Mattie mutters with a grin. Aunt Mattie waits. He takes a pie and then runs back behind the tree. She giggles and says, “You’ll be sorry. Just you wait and see.” Jack…show more content…
So, please explain yourself. Dry your chin and stand up straight. Drink more water…it might help.” Jack dries his chin and straightens his back, then whines, “Okay, I’ve been caught.” He takes a deep breath and gathers his courage and confesses. He says, “You know what?” “I’m sorry, Aunt Mattie. I took a pie from your windowsill this morning. But honestly, those pies are bad. They should each come with a warning!” Everyone laughs. Then Aunt Mattie says, “Oh, Jack, I saw you take the pie. Actually, it was made just for you.” “But it was awful!” He sorely whines. “It was meant to be bad,” she says with a smile. “I know you’ve been snitching my pies. You know it’s not nice, you naughty bunny, I can see it in your eyes.” “I felt a good lesson about snitching was past due and had to be taught. So, I used that bitter pie I made as a way for you to be caught.” “Well, it worked!” Betsy giggles. Jack just wants to run and hide. Everyone starts to laugh again and he begins to cry. Aunt Mattie comforts him and says, “Jack, I would have given you a pie. All you had to do was ask.” Then she hugs him with a sigh. “Really, I could have just

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