How Did Ancient Greece Influence How Men And Women Wear Their Hair

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Introduction During The ancient Greek era there were many factors that influenced how men and women dressed, how they wore their hair and what beauty regimes they did. Social, economic and environmental factors also played a massive part on the Greeks lifestyle choices for example the ideological way that men and women viewed beauty and how it would translate to their way of life. From Helen of Troy; The Queen of Laconia (Helen of Troy (2014)), whom men and women desired, to social class and status that would differentiate between social significance. There were various periods and influences during the Ancient Greek era resulting in many different trends of fashion hair and makeup; from Classical, Hellenistic, Dark ages, Aegean and Byzantine. Time line of Ancient Greece(2014). As the era was so long, no one is really sure when the Ancient Greek reign first began; however, It is roughly estimated to have started in 2900BC; the bronze age when early Aegean cultures started to emerge to 641AD; when slaves overran Greece. Ancient Greece…show more content…
The makeup and hair look would consist of pale skin and fair hair. As the weather in Greece is mostly hot; this would mean women had a dark complexion, so would paint their faces with white led and would use a concoction of urine, yellow flower dye and vinegar to lighten the hair. Fashioning the past., (2012). Eubulus; a statesman in early Ancient Greece described that women wore so much makeup, that if they went out in the sun they would sweat it off Smycken, A., (2011.) Fashion History and Makeup Series: Ancient Greece Makeup. This indicates that women would lather make up onto their faces so it would last all day, however, using white led on the face would mean that skin would become very irritant, early ageing was prominent and would even led to early

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