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Towards Student Centerd Teaching: A New Paradigm Pragati Sawant Department of Information Technology Rajarambapu Institute of Technology Sangli, India Abstract— 21st-century students are demanding an educational system that works for and with them. They are very curious, creative, eager to learn, and willing to try advance and new technologies. Therefore it is necessary to shift from teacher-centred teaching where teacher focused on what they are teaching, to student centered teaching where teacher focused on what students are learning. As a teacher we must act as facilitators who empower and learn from the students. The students should take more active roles as learners and that our roles change, too. This…show more content…
I. INTRODUCTION Traditionally instructors focused on what they are teaching, and not on what the students are learning. Student-centred teachings shift the focus from teachers to the students. In higher education student-centred teaching approach is increasingly being encouraged. In this approach teachers do not employ a single teaching method. However, a variety of different types of methods that shifts the role of the instructors from givers of information to the facilitator are employed. The instructor creates learning environments that motivate students for learning. The major concern of traditional teaching approach is: We are teaching. Traditional teaching methods measure declarative knowledge. They neither address depth of understanding nor the skills that the students have…show more content…
Teacher-centered teaching II. STUDENT CENTERED TEACHING A. Overview The major concern of student centered teaching approach is: Are they Learning? In student-centered teaching student should be at the heart of our educational efforts. Students and teachers interact equally, instead of listening to the teacher exclusively. Since, group work is encouraged, students learn to collaborate, help and communicate with one another. Figure 2 shows the student-centered teaching approach. Figure2: Student-Centered Teaching It implies two main shifts: 1. From thinking about what we teach to how and why we teach something to the students. 2. From thinking about teacher’s performance to thinking about the student learning and learning processes. B. Principles of Student Centered

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