Relational Database

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Real-world examples of each type of database model. Two example of a relational database are Oracle and Data Ease. Oracle is a database that can be use over the internet, where as a number of people can use the database, at different location to make changes and updates at the same time. It can set restriction to what data can be accessed by who. You can store data of all sorts, many companies use it to store a lot of personal information for the HR department, some store supply information as to what they have on hand or what they need to order. Many reports are already prearranged for people to use, and if you are a database administrator, you can add, change and modify reports as needed. Each company will always want their own report done, so the administrator should be able to create what is needed in order for the company…show more content…
All equipment is label with a bar code with all the information about that vehicle, and it is scanned and once that is done, it is scanned into a database, and that database is sent to the unit in change of tracking all equipment. Once all equipment is loaded up into the database, reports are ran, and all is verify with the different units. Once equipment arrives in country, they are scanned and loaded into the computer as arrived, and another report is ran, just for verification, and the same is done once they leave country, and when they arrive back state side to each unit. If any problem with the equipment is noted, it is logged into the database at that time in order to keep track as to when the problem occurred. If maintenance is needed they will be notify of the problem, and the location of the
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