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Loved ones should always be first priority, but some people simply act as if it does not matter. Ruby Electric, by Theresa Nelson, is a story that takes place in Los Angeles, California. Ruby Miller leads the readers through her very adventurous and wild summer break along with the help of her brother, Pete, and mother. Ruby was daydreaming about her newly improved screenplay when her dad calls her to come with him so they can catch a movie. Finally, at last, Ruby learns to snap out of her daydreams when it is family time. Ruby Miller is the most impressive out of all the characters because she was so unique and she would seem to always be paying attention, but in her mind, she was thinking about her new screenplays. For instance, when…show more content…
For example, Theresa Nelson ended the chapter with,”And now Ruby’s face changes, now she’s trying to grab hold of him, but it’s too late, it’s all happening too fast; there’s nothing behind him but air--oh, boy, this is bad, Mama’s not gonna like this one bit--he’s just falling and falling and…”(241) This shows that the reader is frozen in suspense at the end of the chapter, and only a few of Nelson’s chapters start with the direct answer to the last chapter. Ruby Electric is the type of book that makes readers think and try to comprehend what is happening in the story. Also Nelson ends the chapter with,”Daddy could yo-yo,”Pete hands Ruby a battered blue Duncan, with the string still straggling from it,” I told you I remembered.” This demonstrates the clear amount of suspense that leads readers wanting to know more about Ruby and Pete’s father. Yet, the quote does have some information about the dad, the reader would like to learn more about him now that they know he can yo-yo. In other words, Theresa Nelson is an admirable author that knows almost exactly how to leave the reader wanting

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